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Pilates at Personal Edge Training

One of the most exciting aspects of doing Pilates at Personal Edge Training is that anyone can do it, and everyone can achieve amazing results. For those of you who shy away from exercise due to joint pain or muscle weakness Pilates is the ideal form of exercise, since there is no jumping, bouncing or jarring. If you have noticed that your body feels stiff, inflexible and less coordinated that it used to, Pilates can improve all of these aspects of movement.

The benefits of Pilates

Just some of the many ways you can benefit from doing Pilates regularly include:


How is Personal Edge Pilates different?

Individualized attention to detail

At Personal Edge we offer private and semi-private classes up to a maximum of 3 participants at a time. This allows our participants to receive individual instruction as opposed to the blanket cueing often given in larger groups. It is the intricacies of movement and minor corrections in Pilates exercises that make the difference between simply going through the motions and actually feeling the effects and consequent benefits of an exercise.

Highly qualified certified instructors

Our instructors are certified through an extensive year-long program, not simply a weekend course. Consequently, our Pilates instructors are highly educated and able to challenge participants of varying levels of ability.

“I feel that there is a team who are genuinely encouraging me to do my best. It doesn’t get any better than this!’’
Trish Brown

Fusion – best of both worlds

Yoga and Pilates were bound to unite. Fusion Fitness Training mixes yoga postures and sun salutations with Pilates mat exercises, challenging the body to go deeper into the postures and movements. It is perfect blend of Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Conditioning that challenges strength, balance, flexibility, increases stamina, focuses the mind and cleanses the spirit. Expect a time-efficient session that increases strength, balance, stamina and flexibility.

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