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The key to gaining that competitive edge comes from training YOUR BODY, the most important piece of equipment that you use in any sport.

Our programs are designed specifically for the athlete. It's not just training for the sake of trainin—it's training with a purpose. Your results will translate directly to improvemnets in your sport.

Read about how training at Personal Edge has provided our athletes with a competitive "Edge"

Evan & Bryan To play and excel at an elite level you need to be well conditioned in order to meet the demands of an 80 game schedule. Read more

Kevin KleinKevin Klein If you are serious about hockey or sports in general, the Quick Feet program will help you get to your highest level. Read more

Kitchener Jr. RangersKitchener Jr. Rangers This year the players learned something more than winning games and being successful on the scoreboard. Read more

Waterloo Minor Pee Wee Timber Wolves Coach Trevor Ludolph says,"as long as I am coaching hockey, I will keep brining my teams back," for Quick Feet. Read more
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