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The PattersonsWhile the Patterson family has always been relatively active, a growing child participating in sports has definitely brought us together in our quest to be fitter and healthier.

Both my wife and I had started working out at Personal Edge ("The Edge") due to be different motivations (Jason - back injury issues / Carole - training for a half marathon) which then evolved into general health and wellness due to our busy schedules. Training at The Edge allowed us to have scheduled, focused training that was specific to our own desires and the learning then helped us in our own participation in our son's sports.

Carole and I have been very active in Bryce's early sports activity coaching both hockey and soccer and what we have learned / experienced at The Edge have greatly assisted in helping his teams be well prepared.

Core training, balance drills and coordination work have filtered from our own workouts to the practices and drills that we use with Bryce's sports teams. Personal Edge workouts are constantly varied and the training staff continually stays on top of the latest developments and techniques so that we receive cutting edge training like a professional athlete would. Like Phil's famous "Quick Feet" Training, we try to teach and pass on fundamental skills while having fun with the children.
The Pattersons

“Personal Edge is helping our family be fitter and happier together.”

It allows us to be both participating with our son's development and also his enjoyment of sport and fitness.

We are strong believers that physical fitness is a fundamental and extremely important aspect of our lives and Personal Edge is helping our family be fitter and happier together

Jason Patterson, CFA
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