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Often golfers look for improvements in their skills by simply playing more golf or going to the range. However, the key to gaining that competitive edge comes from training YOUR BODY, the most important piece of equipment that you use in any sport. We will teach your body how to be stronger, more powerful, more flexible, and more stable and ultimately obtain that “EDGE” over your opponent.

At the Edge Performance Centre we emphasize highly functional and sport specific training and use proven training methods that are on the cutting edge, including the Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Program. Our programs are designed to incorporate exercises that translate directly to lower scores on the course.

  • Core Conditioning to help you increase your stability and rotational power generating more powerful shots on the course.
  • Dynamic flexibility training to provide more range of motion for a full, consistent swing
  • Dynamic Warm-up exercises so that you’re ready to play from the very first hole.
  • Functional Endurance training so that you’re a strong on the 18th as you are on the 1st.
  • A dynamic and fun program that is delivered by a professional sport conditioning specialist.
  • Reduce the risk of injury with improved strength, stability, flexibility and proper warm-up drills. You can’t help lower your handicap if you’re sitting in the clubhouse.

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