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Every golfer is looking to improve his/her game. We at Personal Edge Training want you to know that we are teed up and ready to drive your golf season to a new level. Trainers Marsha and Phil graduated from the Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Level 1 Certification.

The Titleist Performance Institute (T.P.I.) is an organization that is dedicated to improving the sport of golf. There are three levels to their Golf Fitness Instructor Certification. After completing the first 16 hour course, Phil and Marsha are able to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting an individual’s performance in golf.

The three level course features the latest in golf-specific health and fitness, including golf swing biomechanics, physical screening techniques, exercise prescription, and the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis.


How golf specific fitness assessment works

The Titleist Performance Institute has determined that within the golf swing there are twelve swing faults. There are three primary areas that can affect a golfer’s game; the golfer has not had proper instruction on how to effectively play the game; the equipment may not fit the golfer properly; the golfer has physical limitations. It is the latter of these that this certification enables Marsha and Phil to address.

The first stage of assessment is to test mobility and stability of the golfer. Using a number of golf-specific functional movement tests, Phil and Marsha can see where there are physical limitations which could restrict a golfer’s ability to swing properly.

The results of the golfer’s tests are then entered onto the T.P.I. website. This will provide each golfer with a handicap score for their physical assessment. Just as in golf, the lower the handicap, the better. The handicap indicates that there are areas that can be focused on in order to ultimately improve the golfer’s game.

Based on their findings, Marsha and Phil can design a series of corrective exercises targeting the areas of concern. Frequent repetition of the corrective exercises will lower the golfer’s physical handicap, which then translates into an improvement in your golf game.



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