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EPC Training Programs

Personal Edge Training offers training programs for anyone and everyone. We put the science behind what we teach. All too often dry land training and sports conditioning programs are simply calisthenics with no real outcome relating to your performance in the game. At the Edge Performance Centre we custom design training programs in which the results truly transfer into your game. It’s not just training for the sake of training. It’s training with a purpose.

Whether you’re an individual athlete wanting that one-on-one attention or on a team looking for group conditioning, Personal Edge has programs designed to meet the demands of your sport. We have developed an age level-based system called the EPiC Program, or the Edge Performance Centre Instructional Program. The training at each age group has been scientifically designed to correspond with the motor-development of the athlete. Your training can be:

  • Individual Training
  • Professional/Elite Athletes
  • Group Training
  • Team Conditioning Programs


Individual Training

Individual training is designed for the athlete that wants the personal touch. The athlete will undergo a consult including a fitness assessment and Functional Movement Screen to determine their goals, fitness level, strengths and weaknesses. The Personal Edge trainer will design a sport-specific program based on the results of the assessment. The program will be monitored and adapted to meet the progress of the athlete. This is the ultimate one-on-one attention for the athlete wanting to take their game to the next level.

Group Training

Personal Edge Training offers small group program such as “Quick Feet for Hockey” and “Quick Feet for Baseball” designed to be sport-specific conditioning programs. Group sizes are small (i.e., 2-6 people) which is conducive to a fun and challenging environment in which the athletes are still able to receive one-on-one attention. Programs for Group Training are designed for athletes at the same EPiC level and are motivated by the challenge of friendly competition. Athletes can sign up for the programs as an individual or with a few friends.



Team Training

Coaches are always looking for a way to make their athletes stronger, faster and better so they will have an edge over their competition. The Edge Performance centre is that “Edge”.

We know that coaches plan the best practices with drills that are tried and tested and those that are new and creative. We know that ice time, court time and field time is limited. We also know that the best way to become better at a sport is not by playing more – it’s by improving overall athleticism. Our Team Training programs are designed to supplement practices and to build better athletes making them stronger, faster, more agile, more powerful and more stable. In addition, team building and injury prevention are by-products of the programs that give an athlete and added “Edge”.

We will work with you, the coach, to ensure that your athlete or team receives the training they need to improve their weaknesses and continue to enhance their strengths.

Professional/Elite Athlete

The EPiC Programs for professional and elite athletes are designed to keep them on the “Edge” of their sport and pushes the athlete to their absolute potential. Focus and attention to detail in training athletes at this level are crucial for a successful season. At Personal Edge, we identify and address the athletes’ weaknesses and imbalances and at the same time, continue to enhance their strengths. With the utmost attention to proper periodization, a sports-specific program is designed with skill-mastery and peak athletic conditioning as desired outcomes.

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