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The EPiC Program

Personal Edge Training offers training programs for anyone and everyone. We put the science behind what we teach. All too often dry land training and sports conditioning programs are simply calisthenics with no real outcome relating to your performance in the game. At the Edge Performance Centre we custom design training programs in which the results truly transfer into your game. It’s not just training for the sake of training. It’s training with a purpose.

The program is called the EPiC Program, or the Edge Performance Centre Instructional Program. The training at each age group has been scientifically designed to correspond with the motor-development of the athlete.

EPiC 1: Athletic Foundation Ages 7-10

Athletes at this stage are like sponges. They are eager to learn and willing to try new and exciting things. The primary focus of this stage is to get kids moving efficiently and effectively. High priority is placed on running technique, athletic coordination, balance and agility. Through fun, fast-paced, challenging, and repetitive activities the athletes begin to develop key motor skills and new movement patterns. This in essence builds the foundation for body awareness upon which further athleticism is built.

EPiC 2: Athletic Development Ages 11-13

Growth spurts are a fact of life. Athletes are growing in height, weight, strength and emotional maturity. This stage is a window of opportunity to teach strength and speed concepts. We begin to focus on technique and refining movement patterns including forced production and absorption in jumping and landing; acceleration and deceleration; speed, agility and power. Attention must be given to developing strength around body joints as the athlete grows to ensure injury prevention. Athletes are challenged at this stage to enhance their athletic performance through repetition, thus developing neuromuscular patterns for these fundamental skills.

EPiC 3: Athletic Performance Ages 14+

The foundation has been laid and neuromuscular patterns have been developed for athletes entering this stage. The focus now turns to fine-tuning techniques and developing athletic strength. Training now begins to be more sport specific to recreate the demands of the sport. At this stage, strength and power demands increase with moderate to heavy loads to optimize power output. Continued attention is given to joint integrity to prevent sport-related injuries. Athletes at this stage are challenged to excel and take their game to next level.


The EPiC Programs for professional and elite athletes are designed to keep them on the “Edge” of their sport and pushes the athlete to their absolute potential. Focus and attention to detail in training athletes at this level are crucial for a successful season. At Personal Edge, we identify and address the athletes’ weaknesses and imbalances and at the same time, continue to enhance their strengths. With the utmost attention to proper periodization, a sports-specific program is designed with skill-mastery and peak athletic conditioning as desired outcomes.

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