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In a world where health care costs are taking a huge bite into corporate profits and making it very difficult for businesses to survive, implementation of programs that yield a reduction in these costs are no longer elective, but rather a necessary consideration for a financially prudent organization. A well designed wellness/fitness program with a strong nutritional and fitness lifestyle emphasis will directly meet this need.

“We select companies that recognize the value of building a business based on the foundation of core values; companies who far exceed their competitors in terms of professionalism, education, and experience. Personal Edge Training is one such company.”
S.C. Public Relations Coordinator

“I highly recommend these services to any company of any size, and I am certain you will find everyone involved will have a renewed level of energy and productivity.”
John Burke, Mumby & Associates

The Corporate Edge provides your employees with user-friendly, practical health and fitness information that they can implement immediately. A regular ‘diet' of these types of sessions/seminars scheduled into your monthly meetings or conferences is what will keep health and fitness a priority in your employees' lives.

Anyone in your organization can benefit from our presentations. Our sessions teach people how to look better, feel better, manage stress, achieve balance in their lives and improve their overall fitness. This directly translates into a better working environment for all!

We provide proven practical strategies that allow people to overhaul how they take care of their bodies and manage stress. With our diverse expertise and over 50 years of combined experience, we have fuelled our clients in building profitable and productive workers. It’s time that people invest in health in order to stimulate wealth.

We can speak on the latest health, fitness, motivation and lifestyle topics.

Just in the last few years we've presented to companies such as BMO Nesbitt Burns, BDO Dunwoody, Economical Insurance and various school boards. Our sessions are described as informative, entertaining and inspirational.

Send a clear message to your employees that they are valued by their organization. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and packages.

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