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Ben Brock

Ben is a people person. He has worked as a recruiting consultant, helping people find jobs, and creating new business for clients. He volunteers his time working with youth during the summers, always with the desire to bring each teen to a new place in health and character. He has also worked as a direct support professional, providing care to people with special needs. Ben is consistently looking to do things differently to help others reach their goals. He is always ready to learn and willing to teach, believing that each lesson learned is a gift to be shared.

His fitness journey began at a young age, specifically through his interest in volleyball and weightlifting. During his college years he coached Olympic Weightlifting, and assisted in coaching high school volleyball all while playing varsity volleyball and intramural basketball.

He loves to move, and loves to help people move. Ultimately, Ben’s desire for each person is that they find the freedom that is available through movement. He believes that we were made to move well and move often. His faith, positive attitude, and constant desire to learn make a great combination that anyone should look for in a personal trainer.


On a personal note, Ben isn’t afraid of trying new things. He is a drummer, guitar player and singer. He loves to play volleyball, basketball, hockey, and ultimate frisbee. He is also a wedding DJ, and group fitness instructor, a potent combination to watch out for! Ben along with his beautiful wife are expecting their first child.


Diploma in Sport Conditioning - Canadore College


Certified Personal Trainer - C.P.T.N.

TRX Qualified Instructor

FMS Level 1 (in progress)

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