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The benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a type of physical conditioning that originated in the 1920’s by Joseph H. Pilates. The exercises in Pilates help participants to develop deep core strength, balanced flexibility, muscular endurance and coordination, while minimizing unnecessary strain on the neck, spine and lower back. Through repetitive execution of Pilates exercises participants develop longer and leaner muscular tone, increased range of motion of the joints, and enhanced muscular support around the spine. As a result, overall mobility and stability in all movement are improved.

Just some of the many ways you can benefit from doing Pilates regularly include:

A healthy, supple spine

Pilates gives more support to your spin which creates more mobility, This new suppleness prevents degenerative spinal problems, such as slipped disks. It also helps you move smoothly and with greater ease.

A more gentle approach to conditioning

Pilates provides a wonderful way to ease into any kind of fitness plan. Pilates puts minimal stress on your joints and no wear and tear on your ligaments and cartilage around your joints. It conditions your muscles in a balanced way and increases your self-awareness by drawing your focus inward. Pilates is very rehabilitative when proper technique and consistency are the focus to feeling and seeing results.

Improved emotional health

The smooth, steady movements in Pilates quiet your mind yet invigorating your muscles. As you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, the focus on rhythmic breathing will improve your circulation and whisk tension away. Each workout will leave you feeling calm, balanced, and rejuvenated.

Better balance and coordination

Through the aging process, your balance starts to deteriorate as your muscles weaken and your nerve receptors lose sensitivity. Pilates combats this deterioration by stimulating your muscles, stabilizing your core, working the small, deep muscles needed to keep your body steady when moving. Consequently, you will regain freedom how you move.

Pain and stiffness

If you suffer from joint pain, as a result of osteoarthritis or general stiffness, you'll find that lengthening your body through Pilates will help soothe the soreness. Appropriate exercise is vital to managing arthritis and other joint problems. As flexibility and circulation increase, your legs, back, neck, and shoulders loosen up, relieving aches and stiffness. Pilates also leads to posture improvements, which will eliminate tension, pain and stiffness.

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