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Karen Campbell

My journey with Personal Edge began completely unselfishly six years ago.  At that time I was looking to purchase "a few" sessions with a personal trainer as a Christmas gift for my husband, John.  A friend recommended Bert and Phil, who were just launching the studio.  After my husband's sessions were completed, it was clear this was going to become a gift that would keep on giving.  John began visiting Edge regularly and soon encouraged me to do the same.  Over the past five years with Edge my knowledge about strength training has increased exponentially.  The Staff is always on the cutting edge of the industry and is often recognized as leaders in their field, instilling in me confidence in their abilities and techniques.

For me, however, Personal Edge has become more than just a place where I train to improve my physical condition.  It has been a place to grow friendships as well.  Bert has been an inspiration and a continued source of entertainment, Marsha has nurtured a love of Pilates and Phil has the same shoe size as John which has proven to be a very handy coincidence on the occasions he has forgotten his training gear at home.

So what began as a Christmas gift for my husband six years ago has become a part of life for both of us.  I'm thinking this Christmas he might really enjoy a day at the spa!

Karen Campbell

“Personal Edge has become more than just a place where I train.”

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