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Client Experiences / Heidi VanKuik
Heidi VanKuikThe first time I walked through the doors of Personal Edge Training I was greeted with smiles, encouragement, motivation and a studio, not a gym. I realized immediately that, to the trainers at Personal Edge, I was a person with fitness goals, not a monthly membership fee.  I became a client that very day and walked away knowing I had just made an amazing change in my life. I knew that I was going to reach the goals that I'd always had, but had never been able to obtain through gym memberships, diets, body cleanses, protein shakes, etc.

I started working out with Roberta in May 2008, and since then my fitness level has skyrocketed and has had a huge impact on my career as a Police Officer. I am quicker and stronger, and knowing this has improved my confidence in all situations that I come across in my career.  I can now tackle a full day of Bicycle Patrol and still have the energy to work out afterwards.  My body is also quicker to adapt to shift changes than it used to. Outside of work, my recreational sports have improved and are more enjoyable because I don't tire as easily.

Heidi VanKuik

“I realized immediately, that to the trainers at Personal Edge, I was a person with fitness goals, not a monthly membership fee.”

The training that I am receiving at Personal Edge is very functional in relation to my career, and mine and my husband's active lifestyle. Best of all; I really enjoy being there! My love for fitness has been renewed. Roberta has taught me so much about nutrition, and the way muscles work. Not only do I leave there with a fantastic workout, I leave with an education as well. These trainers are highly educated, highly motivated and just really great people to be around. By being a client, I have realized that the best part about reaching my goals is setting new ones. I am definitely a lifetime client!
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