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Our experience speaks for itself

“The Corporate Edge workshops put on by Personal Edge Training Inc. far surpassed our expectations. The session has been very well received by all of our employees, and the take away guides are actively used by most participants.”  

BDO Dunwoody LLP
Chartered Accountants and Advisors
Dean Elliott, Partner, Kitchener

“We highly recommend the services that Personal Edge Training offers, to any company of any size. If you are looking for a little different twist for your employees and executives, Personal Edge will help them understand the importance of health, posture and exercise. We are certain you will find everyone involved will have a renewed level of energy and productivity.”

Mumby & Associates Ltd.
James Mumby, President
John C. Burke, President, National Sales

“On behalf of our entire sales force, I want to thank you for your company’s presentation in our National Sales Meeting. We have had numerous comments on your presentations to our group, all of which have been very positive. It certainly was a great way to get each day started during our three-day meeting and I think many of your tips and training suggestions are being utilized by everyone that was at our meeting. I certainly would highly recommend your services to any other company that is looking for a little different twist or additional information that they can give to their employees to help them understand the importance of health, posture and exercise. Once again, thank you for your participation in our National Sales Meeting.”
Mumby & Associates
James Mumby

“We are a manufacturer/distributor in the Mississauga, Ontario and have sales people from coast to coast. Every year, in the month of January, we bring our entire sales team in Mississauga for a National Sales Meeting. We are constantly striving to introduce new and innovative methods of keeping the meeting fresh and interesting, as well as educate and motivate our sales team throughout the three days of meetings.
This year we embarked on a totally new idea, “Fitness and Well Being”. We felt it was time for the company to provide a method for every sales person to get more out of each day by feeling better mentally and physically. I contacted Roberta Snider from Personal Edge Training to see if it would be possible to start our meetings with a brief program that would help accomplish this goal.

Roberta put together a program that started each day off with 45 minutes of fitness and nutrition, and was sensitive to the variety in gender, age and personal levels of physical fitness. The first sign that this was going to be a huge success was the very first morning where Roberta discussed the benefits of drinking water over coffee. We would normally have the tables covered with coffees cups, but to our surprise, they had all switched to water! I could not believe how much more attentive and energized everyone was for the three days!

It is easy to identify the topics of a meeting that have been successful, by the comments from the participants a few days after the meetings end. I received Emails and telephone calls from every participant and they all raved about the presentations from Personal Edge Training. I highly recommend the services that Personal Edge offer, to any company of any size, and I am certain you will find everyone involved will have a renewed level of energy and productivity.”

John C. Burke
Vice President of Sales
Mumby & Associates Limited

“I am the Chief Operating Officer of a local business in Kitchener and have been in business for the past 22 years. Our business has grown substantially throughout these many years. Along with that kind of growth come the additional stress and busy lifestyle that has become too common these days. Our management staff has been working with Personal Edge Training and has found many benefits to their program. To be able to provide this level of fitness for our management sends the message of promoting a healthy lifestyle. I believe that the regular participation in physical fitness of this caliber helps to clear the mind while reducing the stress levels associated with business!

The Personal Edge is aptly named because all of the staff gives personal attention to detail and have thorough knowledge of what is required to keep each of our managers progressing while still enjoying the training. This is truly a special gift not often recognized or understood. From the world’s top elite athlete to the “down to earth” real people in the office, Personal Edge has the right programs and the correct measures to produce results and quite frankly, that is what it’s all about.”

W.D. Calma

“I would sincerely like to thank Personal Edge for a superb presentation. I personally found the evening exceptionally informative, easy to understand and very appropriate for the given audience. The props and visual material were well done and greatly added to the overall effect. I appreciated their professionalism and their lack of self-promotion during the event. I have received great feedback from the attendees; many found the presentation captivating and took home at least some bit of information that was useful to their own circumstance.

Thank you very much for making the evening such a success.”

Lisa Johnson

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