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Often athletes look for improvements in their skills by simply doing the sport. However, the key to gaining that competitive edge comes from training YOUR BODY, the most important piece of equipment that you use in any sport. We will teach your body how to be stronger, faster, more powerful, more flexible, more stable and ultimately obtain that “EDGE” over their competitor.


We put the science behind what we teach. All too often dry land training and sports conditioning programs are simply calisthenics with no real outcome relating to your performance in the game. At the Edge Performance Centre we custom design training programs in which the results truly transfer into your game. It’s not just training for the sake of training. It’s training with a purpose.



Whether you’re an individual athlete wanting that one-on-one attention or on a team looking for group conditioning, Personal Edge has programs designed to meet the demands of your sport. We have developed an age level-based system called the EPiC Program, or the Edge Performance Centre Instructional Program. The training at each age group has been scientifically designed to correspond with the motor-development of the athlete.

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